April 14, 2014

Beautiful Flower Headpieces

Silk Rose Headpiece Peony Feather Headpiece Pearl Flower Headpiece Magnolia Flower Headpiece

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March 31, 2014

Etsy Monday: Black and White Wedding Accessories

Burlap and Cotton Ring Pillow Silk Crepe Wedding Gown height= Stripes Table Overlay Black Onyx Necklace

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March 25, 2014

Mix-Use Model Project

This was the final project for a design studio class that I was taking last semester. For this project, I had to design and construct a model for a mix-use development. A mix-use development can be a single building or a walkable neighborhood that blend residential housing with commercial businesses. I had to design a three-story building consisting of a store front on the street level, with two high end urban lofts on the second and third floors, and ending with a roof top terrace. I have always like the idea of repurposing a preexisting warehouse over demolishing and rebuilding something new. So my design was based on the idea of repurposing an industrial building made out of brick on the exterior facade and exposed brick on the interior open floor plan. The ground floor was designed for a dessert shop while the second and third floors were designed as urban style lofts. Each loft has an open floor plan that combine the living room with the dining room and kitchen off of the front entry. There is also a back entry that residence can take from their garage up to the loft. I infused character and charm by adding an inglenook with a fireplace, the third bedroom off the living was created into flex room, sunroom with green walls, a brise soleil system off the back balcony, and curving the walls of the hallway into each loft. For the model, I designed each floorplan on AutoCAD, which was then imported into Corel to be cut by a laser cuter on a piece of birch plywood. I also got the chance to designed two sets of custom stairs in Revit, which were then printed on a 3D printer. Finally, the curved walls were constructed out of thin popsicle sticks. After just completing one architecture course over the summer, I never thought that I was capable of designing and constructing a full architectural model at the end of last semester.

East Elevation  ||  West Elevation
North Elevation
South Elevation

February 17, 2014

Etsy Monday: Mossy Green Wedding Accessories

Burlap and Moss Ring Pillow Green Leather Clutch Flower Seed Wedding Favors Green Lace Garter

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January 27, 2014

Etsy Monday: Rustic Wood Wedding Accessories

Burlap and Moss Ring Pillow Rustic Wedding Invitation Tulle Bridal Fascinator Tree Slice Table Number

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January 25, 2014

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum captured the architectural modernism
that bring peace and serenity whenever I look at it.

January 20, 2014

Etsy Monday: Rustic Peach Wedding Accessories

Burlap and Moss Ring Pillow Craftsmens Flask Botanical Calendar Flower Headpiece

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January 6, 2014

San Juan Capistrano Public Library

I did not have to go far to find a hidden architectural gem.
Located in San Juan Capistrano, California, it is one of the most interest public library that I have visited. Designed by famous architect Michael Graves, the interior is filled with nooks and crannies where you can sit and enjoy a good book. Even though there interior is heavily filled with columns and architectural details, Mr. Graves infused a lot of natural light through the use of beautiful skylights. The exterior contain a courtyard that features a reflecting pool. Overall, the complex is filled with vertical lines.

December 31, 2013

Paris Nights / New York Mornings

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
Thank you to all of my readers who have made 2013 a memorable year for me.
Without my passion for design and your help for sharing my passion projects,
Whimzeecal would not have existed. So thank you again!

November 29, 2013

Downtown Toronto

ROM2     ROM3

I have been visiting Toronto ever since I was a teenager because my grandparents lived there and it was the place that we would all gather at. It never dawned on me to go discover Toronto until my last visit. Downtown Toronto has a great public transit system that bring millions from the suburb to the city and once in the city you can take the bus, street car or walk from one place to another. On my last visit, my cousin and I took the Young-University Line and got off at the Museum Station. Just steps away is the old Royal Ontario Museum and around the corner is the new addition designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. At this museum I recommend seeing the gallery of mineralogy which houses countless precious stones and crystals that are symbolic of the museum's exterior facade. Next to the museum, on Bloor St, is the Royal Music Conservatory, a prestigious music education institution. This massive gothic inspired structure was built in the early 1900 and its original red brick exterior facade is eye catching. Walking down Bloor St. towards St. George St., we passed through the historic University of Toronto. It is an architecturally significant campus consisting of Romanesque and Gothic Revival buildings dating back to 1858 and 1929. The heart of the campus is the main building of University College, designed by Canadian architect Frederick William Cumberland. Across the giant oval lawn, we came upon the neoclassical Convocation Hall that is characterized by its domed roof and ionic-pillared rotunda. We took a peek inside and was astonished to find a large auditorium comprised of two main seating floors. We hopped from St George St. over to Spadina Ave. and headed down to Chinatown for lunch. After lunch we took Spadina Ave. down to Dundas St. and headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario. The museum was redesigned by architect Frank Gehry, who created dramatic sculptural staircases, covered the interior with Douglas fir, and use glass which infuses the galleries with natural light. After the museum, we walked down Dundas St. and spent time checking out Dundas Square, the Time Square of Toronto. We called it a night, hopped on the subway and headed home.