March 25, 2014

Mix-Use Model Project

This was the final project for a design studio class that I was taking last semester. For this project, I had to design and construct a model for a mix-use development. A mix-use development can be a single building or a walkable neighborhood that blend residential housing with commercial businesses. I had to design a three-story building consisting of a store front on the street level, with two high end urban lofts on the second and third floors, and ending with a roof top terrace. I have always like the idea of repurposing a preexisting warehouse over demolishing and rebuilding something new. So my design was based on the idea of repurposing an industrial building made out of brick on the exterior facade and exposed brick on the interior open floor plan. The ground floor was designed for a dessert shop while the second and third floors were designed as urban style lofts. Each loft has an open floor plan that combine the living room with the dining room and kitchen off of the front entry. There is also a back entry that residence can take from their garage up to the loft. I infused character and charm by adding an inglenook with a fireplace, the third bedroom off the living was created into flex room, sunroom with green walls, a brise soleil system off the back balcony, and curving the walls of the hallway into each loft. For the model, I designed each floorplan on AutoCAD, which was then imported into Corel to be cut by a laser cuter on a piece of birch plywood. I also got the chance to designed two sets of custom stairs in Revit, which were then printed on a 3D printer. Finally, the curved walls were constructed out of thin popsicle sticks. After just completing one architecture course over the summer, I never thought that I was capable of designing and constructing a full architectural model at the end of last semester.

East Elevation  ||  West Elevation
North Elevation
South Elevation

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