Welcome! I'm Grace, and I live in Southern California. After 10 years of working in the medical field, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to break free and start embracing my artistic side. With a Bachelor Degree in Anthropology and a hunger for travel and exploration, I love learning about other cultures and incorporating their beautiful art work into my everyday design. WhimZeeCal is a place for me to share my design projects, which are some of my hobbies, and my portfolio projects, which will be some of my architectural works. I am currently working towards an Associate Degree in Architecture, so that I can start my career in drafting and eventually apply to a Master program in Architecture or become a licensed architect! From this blog, you will also get a glimpse into my personal life and see some projects that I am passionate about. I hope it inspires you to discover your own design aesthetic. I would love to collaborate with you, if you share a love for brainstorming new innovative design ideas or just like building things with your hands.

What does WhimZeeCal mean?

It is broken down into three parts Whim-Zee-Cal. The first part "Whim" represents how I have been creating and designing things on a whim for as long as I can remember. I got it from watching my dad fix things with what we had laying around the house. The second part "Zee" was my nickname in elementary school because none of my teachers were able to pronounce my Vietnamese name. The third part "Cal" represents that I am a California girl at heart, even thought I was born in Vietnam.

What is Etsy Monday?

I also have an Etsy shop name WhimZeeCal where I sell a collection of custom made ring bearer pillows that incorporated some of my favorite organic elements, such as burlap, moss and cotton. Etsy Monday showcases one of my ring pillow along with a few wedding accessories from other wonderful Etsy designers. It is an opportunity for me to showcase some fellow Etsy designers who are creating beautiful things. If you do not wish for me to use your image in a post, feel free to email me and I would be happy to remove the image.

Burlap and Cotton Ring Pillow Burlap and Moss Ring Pillow Teal Burlap and Cotton Ring Pillow

What is DIY Friday?

On Fridays, I will post a DIY project that you can easily over do over the weekend. I try to keep the steps simple and the material cost as low as possible. I get most of my inspiration from my surrounding which means that I love to recycle and reuse I materials have on hand to I create one of a kind pieces that will serve a useful purpose. I don't like to post step by step photos of the instructions because I want you to use your imagination and create the project so that it is your own. If you get lost along the way, please feel free to leave me a comment and I would be happy to help you. If you love a project and wish to share it on your blog, please link back. Thank you!

Magazine Stool Growing Moon Cactus Paper whites Knitted Leg Warmers

How do you contact me to collaborate?

You can contact me directly via email at zee1377@gmail.com.

How do you contact me regarding custom orders?

You can convo me directly at my Etsy shop, Whimzeecal.