October 10, 2013

Elephant Parade

The Elephant Parade have finally come to America! After touring the world and visiting some major cities such as Amsterdam in 2009, London in 2010, Milan in 2011 and Hasselt in 2012, they are now in sunny Southern California. Displayed throughout the beach city of Dana Point, finding them can be a wild yet exciting scavenger hunt. I spotted six down in Dana Point Harbor. I tired my best to capture the artistic beauty of each painted elephants, but it not the same as seeing the each one up close and personal. Each elephant convey a story of love, support and hope for humanity while bringing happiness and joy.

We Love Mosha USA


Artist: Thiti Suwan
Location: Dana Point Harbor (Harbor Entrance)
Story: "Mosha, a baby elephant, stepped on a landmine and lost her lower right leg. In need of urgent intensive care, she was rushed to the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Thailand. While visiting the hospital, Marc Spits met baby Mosha and was inspired to create Elephant Parade. At the hospital, doctors healed Mosha so that she could walk with a prosthetic leg."

Cesar's Park


Artist: Cesar Millan
Location: Dana Point Harbor (East Basin Walkway)
Story: "Cesar’s Pack is dedicated to the idea that the human-animal interface is a complicated one. Understanding each others’ needs without a common language takes effort, to serve and protect. Communicating heart-to-heart. Soul-to-soul. On a planet we share. Mankind must take the leadership to save all creatures."



Artist: Loree Rodkin
Location: Dana Point Harbor (East Basin Walkway)
Story: "Inspired by a life filled with creativity and beauty, Ms. Rodkin designed an elephant whose armor grows when in danger. A masterful realization by Skinny Lewis."
Note: The best feature about this elephant are her beautiful "feathered" eyelash. It shows that we can all be strong and feminine at the same time.

Sea The Point!


Artist: Laura Seely Rodkin
Location:  Dana Point Harbor (Dana Wharf)
Story: "Uniting for a global cause - that's the point of this majestic harmony between the elephant and the whale. The world's oceans connect us all and unifying the largest mammals of land and sea sheds light on the mission to create awareness of the critical plight of the Asian elephant, as well as Dana Point's continuing commitment to local and global conservation."

Maa Lii


Artist: Chris Chun
Location: Dana Point Harbor (Harbor Entrance)
Story: "This elephant inspires recognition of the natural abundance and beauty. Flowers are an integral part of Thai Culture and are used in floral garlands to pay respect to Buddha. They are also presented and worn at many festive and happy occasions. Maa Lii is an ancient Thai word for “flower blossom” and represents the hope that the elephant will blossom again."

Betty Boop


Artist: Max Fleischer D. 1972
Location: Dana Point Harbor (Dana Wharf)
Story: "Betty Boop has captured the heart of this elephant with her wide-eyed and alluring personality. Decorated with red and white polka dots and metallic gold trim, the elephant gazes at her with a sweet smile. A 1930’s depression era creation, BB gave hope to people deal with life’s struggles. When first introduced, Betty Boop was a dog catcher! Saving animals even then."

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