October 14, 2013

Solar Decathlon


1. DELTA T-90 House by Norwich University
2. UrbanEden by University of North Carolina at Charlotte
3. DALE by SCI ARCH & CalTech
4. Borealis by University of Calgary
5. DesertSol by University of Nevada Las Vegas
6. LISI by Czech Technical University
7. Radiant House by Santa Clara University
8. HARVEST HOME by Catholic University of America & George Washington University & American University
9. Ecohabit by Stevens Institute of Technology
10. Chameleon House by Missouri University of Science and Technology
11. InSite by Middlebury College
12. ADAPT by The University of Texas at El Paso & El Paso Community College
13. Phoenix House by University of Louisville & Ball State University & University of Kentucky
14. AIR House by Czech Technical University
15. Start.Home by Stanford University
16. fluxHome by University of Southern California
17. ECHO by Queen's University & Carleton University &Algonquin College
18. SHADE by Arizona State University & The University of New Mexico
19. PEAK by West Virginia University

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