September 12, 2013

Mountains and Feathers Project


This is the second project that I've completed for a design studio class that I am currently taking. For this project I had to come up with a positive and negative image, in a black and white pattern, that would increase visual awareness. If you are not familiar with positive and negative images then you need to checkout the work of famous Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher and modern day Malaysian graphic artist Tang Yau Huoong. Generally, positive space is easy to spot because it is the space that is occupied by the object that we are looking at. The negative space, on the other hand, is the space around the object and often time it is not easy to spot because it could be completely bounded by the positive space.
I had a lot of difficulties coming up with an image that would incase another image. I knew that I wanted to combine Native American patterns with patterns found in nature. I decided upon the pattern of mountain ranges, which represents the nature, in the positive space, and the pattern of feathers, which represents Native American art, the in negative space. I then took both images and tessellate them because that would capture the pattern language and repetition that are often found in Native American art and nature. After twelve hours, two paint brushes and one achy back later, I've painted the pattern on a 20" x 20" chipboard.
The more I look at it, the more objects I can pull from it. There are a handful of noticeable objects, such as mountains/teepees, leaves/feathers, arrowheads and spearhead. And there are a few not so noticeable objects that could be decipher, such as the mountain resemble Mount Fuji or a pencil head and the repetition of the top of the feathers resemble waves. In general, this was one of the more difficult project that I've completed but the finished product got the wheels in my head turning as how to take the pattern and create textile out of it. If you have tips on to how to transfer this pattern onto fabric, please contact me or leave me a comment. I would love some feedback. Overall, the purpose of this project was to demonstrates theories of positivism and void in design and cognitive reversal of image.

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