August 2, 2013

DIY Friday: Growing Moon Cactus Tutorial

Last weekend while I was at my local garden shop I came upon some beautiful cactus. One thing that I love about summer is having the opportunity to find a variety of unique succulents and cactus. I've learned from the past to shop for succulents or cactus in the summer time because they are less expensive in the summer, there is a larger variety to choose from, and some garden might only carry them that time a year.
A few months ago, I found a photo on Pinterest of a beautiful arrangement of cactus. The photo was pinned from a blog in the Netherlands called From Ezter with Love. From the blog post, Esther showed how cactus were not just prickly boring plants. Instead, she showcased them as vibrant plants that can brighten up any surrounding. The colorful cactus that she focus on were the moon cactus, also know as grafted cactus because their colorful Gymnocalycium mihanovichii top is propagated or "grafted" on to a healthy Hylocereus body. I was so excited when I finally found the moon cactus at my local garden shop because now I can recreate Ester's cactus arrangement, but with a twist of my own.

General Materials:
- Moon cactus 2.5" (Gymnocalycium mihanovichii)
- Clay pots 2.5"
- Cactus potting mix
- Patio paint outdoor by DecoArt in Blue Bahama color
- Blue painter's tape
- Flat head paint brush
- Gardening gloves

1. Tape the clay pot with a pattern of your choice and start painting.
2. Take off the tape as soon as you are done painting and allow the to paint dry.
3. Add some cactus potting mix to the bottom of the pot.
4. Put on your gardening glove before handing the moon cactus. Carefully take the cactus from its container and place it in the pot and add cactus potting mix.
5. Keep cactus indoor in indirect sunlight and water thoroughly, then let the plant dry out between waterings.

Since I do not have space in my kitchen to displace a large planter, like Ester, I decided to plant the cacti in individual terra cotta clay pots. There are two benefits of planting them in individual terra cotta pots. First, it allows me to easily place them anywhere throughout the house. I am currently displaying mine on my bathroom counter and ever morning they cheer me up with there pop of color. Second, I can customize each pot with any color and design that I like, with the right paint. I choose a turquoise paint because I love how it enhances the vibrant color of the moon cactus. They will serve as great decorative centerpieces for any festive occasion. So brighten up the rest of your summer with these colorful cactus!

Growing Moon CactusGrowing Moon CactusGrow Moon Cactus

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