August 9, 2013

Architecture: Bus Stop Design

For the last eight weeks I've spent many hours hand drafting multiple plans for a resident. The icing on the cake was the bus stop plans (above), which I drafted for the final. A lot of people do not know that I have wanted to be an architect ever since I was in middle school. My dad bought me my first computer aided drafting program on a floppy disk and I remember that I would spend hours drafting floor plans for my dream homes. In high school, I dream would with my "creative brain", of attending UC Berkeley's School of Architecture. However, I let the people around me talked me out of my dream and I started me thinking with my "asian brain" which landed me into the medical field. After spending ten years studying and working in the medial field I realized that I was not happy. At the beginning of this year, I let my artistic side take the lead and now I have just completed my first architecture class.

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